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Useful Windows Shortcuts (6)

I am starting this thread primarily to test the way that pinning a thread works on Discourse. However, it would be a waste of a perfectly good thread if I didn’t include information that is actually useful and apparently…

The new Neverwinter Connections (2)

The new Neverwinter Connections multiplayer scheduling and matching site at is now up and running. There’s an article on the main Vault site about it:…

Cancer Fundraiser (2)

If you don’t already know, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Malignant Melanoma Cancer July 2018. I had two surgeries since then. One to remove the tumor and my left great toe that had the tumor. In that same surgery I had a …

A Short Tour of These Forums (12)

This little tour will hopefully make it easier for folks, either new to these forums or those just unsure about them, to find their way around. My aim here is not to explain the reasonably obvious but more to show what i…

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"Extracting characters from databases" was flagged as spam (2)
"Tony's K. fate?" was flagged as spam (2)