1.69 Question - Has Anyone Got

The original main menu screen image for just NwN 1.69 or earlier but not Diamond? Can you let me see it please. Needs the original filename and type too.



do you mean this one, named nwlbg.bmp ?

if so, you have it too. in nwnexplorer, open NWN Main Data and navigate to data/aurora_gui.bif -> Textures, BMP
[the slash should actually be an anti-slash but this forum’s web server munges that character weirdly for some reason… :roll_eyes: ], where you’ll find nwlbg.bmp.

also check out Textures, TGA for the various gui_pre_bkgnd* images.

This one?

Uh, the man on the left with a feathered hat bending over a mirror is missing. I can provide it later …

Thanks guys. No need to search further as I have decided that they aren’t what I was expecting being split into pieces like that. I had intended that what I was going to do would be useable in both EE and 1.69/Diamond but it looks like more work than what I want to spend on it.


It is fairly easy to cut the pieces and combine them together, but you won’t be able to do much with the low resolution this image has. NWN-EE now uses much higher resolutions and it doesn’t play with low-res images nicely. I also distaste the new main image in EE, but because of this there aren’t really any alternatives. Most of the custom images are suffering with positioning/scaling issues as well and requires you to have fixed resolution for them to work.

I have one final question that is relatively on topic. Where can I find the standard EE gui_pre_bknd1.tga (the one with the kobolds and beholder). I have been pulling my hair out trying to find it with NWNEplorer 1.83.



It’s called gui_pre_bknd3.tga in the bd_ui.bif

Thanks. That was just enough information to find it although NWNEplorer calls it res6.


That’s because you don’t have the path defined properly in NWNExplorer. Go to file>>options and check “Look for NWN in the…” then navigate to the folder where NWN EE is installed - see screenshot.

When you restart NWNExplorer all the game assets will then be named appropriately. If you still need 1.69 functionality, install a second copy of NWNExplorer to the /util fold in 1.69 then make a shortcut to that one labeled “NWN Explorer 1.69” or some such. You may need to rename the 2nd NWNExplorer EXE - I don’t remember.

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