1.80 bug in ruleset.2da

I just discovered a bug in the new 1.80 build of ruleset.2da:

If you change line 412 CHARGEN_BASE_ABILITY_MIN_PRIMARY to any value of 12 or greater then the CharGen system assumes that the primary ability score is Strength. I have tested this with human, dwarves, half-orcs, males, females, barbarians, fighters, wizards, sorcerers, and rogues. The default value of 11 works fine. I have not tested any lower numbers.

Bug reported to BeamDog via ServiceDesk.


Works fine for me. Tested only with ranger, rogue, sorcerer and wizard though.

There is however a bug for non-spellcasters (fighter, barbarian, monk and rogue) at character creation: NWN considers STR to be their ‘Spellcasting Ability’ and does not let you decrease STR if its value isn’t greater 11 (or whatever value you’ve set ‘CHARGEN_BASE_ABILITY_MIN_PRIMARY’ to).

Will be fixed in .10