16 cygni nwn 2 module prologue bug - no talk option with npc

I am stuck in the prologue Neddan Khalmin doesn’t have any related quest
dialogue options. I am suppose to talk to him about Transmitter. Can
you tell me how can i advance the questline, thanks very much for the help.

What does your journal say (quest : Smuggling)?
It should say ‘Someone onboard …’

If the journal says ‘check the storage’ drop the transmitter on ground and take it back. The journal should be udpated (the script is automatically fired when the transmitter is acquired).

My journal says "Someone onboard … ", uzzman Nevverk tells me to talk to the “dwarf” but when i talk to the dwarf i have no such conversation option, there is only about lightning intensity. I couldn’t open the door to the storage room either but i found debug command for it on the net, so i am wondering if there if debug command for this quest so i can progress futher.

Ok talk to the robot about the lighting, that should clear the issue.

As you have used debug to open the storage room door, if it still doesn’t work, thru the console :
rs sd_debug_quest(“q_smuggler”, 50)
will update the journal so you can proceed.

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