2 Notepad++ Plugins for Scripters

If you use Notepad++ for writing/editing scripts there are a couple of plugins that you may not be aware of and that might speed up the process for you. To get them you will need to open the Plugins menu and select Plugins Admin.

First there is NppExec -

This allows you to run a program/app from within notepad++. Such as a standalone command line NwScript compiler. TBH I don’t use this one myself as I tend to copy/paste any code I write into the toolset’s script editer.

Then there is LanguageHelp -

This allows you to launch standalone help files from within notepad++. Such as the offline Lexicon 1.69 . It took a little bit of trial and error but I eventually got it working. These are the settings that work for me -


pressing Add gives you this screen -


In the top box enter the name you want to appear in whichever menu you choose. In the extension/file mask box enter *.nss and in the last box the full path (including the filename).

Caveat - While this loads the lexicon chm file, it doesn’t appear that the offline chm file will accept any search terms so it’s not quite as useful as it could be. I still find it useful anyway as it saves having to navigate and launch the lexicon without having to leave notepad++.

Lastly, you should take a careful look through all the available plugins as there are other’s that you may well find useful. For example, if you are using NwN EE and want to script for the nui (NwN User Interface) there is a plugin called JSON Viewer which displays the JSON code in a tree view and for NwN 2 there are XML Tools.

Hope you find this useful. Any other plugins for Notepad++ or other coding editing software you think are useful, just add a comment.



Because LanguageHelp can handle pdf files you could also have those JSON tutorials on “Speed Dial” too or The Guide to Building Volume I – The Aurora Toolset Manual or any other useful pdf you’ve got access to.