2. Partybar.xml Help please

Tell me what the figures in the pictures mean? It is not clear what to write to change the icons.
screen 1
screen 2

the “2” argument shouldn’t be duplicated … here’s a status-grid with 30 icons


Yes. This is what you need. Thanks for the help!:grinning:


How to do what would be the hidden part of the window? Icons of buffs are hidden there. In an invisible area. All the numbers already changed in the file partybar.xml Neither of which does not help.:grimacing:
file 1
file 2

Have you tried adjusting the width of the UIScene and UIListbox elements?

y, looks like increase the width of UIScene and UIListBox, then rework the x-values of the elements (so you don’t need negatives)

I also wrote that the changes do not help either. I’ve already changed everything. On the right, this window does not appear anyway. And why? Unclear. Magic is like that.:thinking:

aha! Look in ‘guisettings.ini’ for a block like this:


“1705” is the x-pos of my partybar (@1920x1080).

So when I tried your xml with a flat background pic just to see what the dimensions and placement are, most of the screen was shoved off the right side of my monitor. But when – after backing up the file – and editing the x-pos to “860” the placement of the scene was shifted to the middle of my monitor …

(this begs the question of how does one change that without editing ‘guisettings.ini’ )

I have the same figures in guisettings.ini. So apparently this is not the case.

the setting is incorrect …

the width of the UIScene etc. needs to be ~450

but with an x-pos of 1705 that means the right edge of the scene is ~2155 (but our monitors have only 1920 x-pixels)

the point that Aq. and i are making is that your UIScene/UIListBox are not wide enough to contain the elements that are in it. It needs to be widened - but unless your system is different than mine … it is … that’s going to shove half the partybar off the right edge of the monitor.

For example, I set the values 100-9000
And in this case everything also does not change. Can somewhere in other files there is a parameter of priorities. And the patybar window is overlapped with something else-invisible. How would I find out.:thinking:The monitor I have is 24 inches. The maximum resolution is 1920x1080.

you want something like this, right?

here’s the XML - https://pastebin.com/tXZKRU8M

basically widens the scene and moves the portrait and data-area further right.

There are somethings I’m not saying
a) how to work on it without ripping yer hair out
b) i forget …

I used your file and that’s it.
I want that the grille of icons is located to the left of the portrait of the character. There should be seen their maximum of 30 pieces. As it is written in the file. It is necessary to move only the icons no longer without changing.
Look at the screenshot.
screen 1

in ‘guisettings.ini’ change this with the game closed


to this:


and i think you’ll get the drift

From this there is no sense. The window shifted slightly to the left and that’s it. This is not at all what you need.
That’s how it should work out. I edited a little picture here.

looks great. Anything else?

This is Photoshop !!! I’m trying to achieve such a result by changing the file partibar.xml
Can not see a part of the icons. Whatever I do, the part of the window with the icons is cropped on the left side and half of them are not visible.

this is what it looks like on my machine:

i suspect that you need to find the priority ‘guisettings.ini’ on your system and edit the xpos there

other than that idk

I’m not so sure. I’ll think what else you can do.:roll_eyes: