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My polymorph.2da file is being modified from somewhere. I want to edit it myself, but the original game file obviously doesn’t match the modified one, and I can’t find the hack which has the modified .2da, (it’s not in the override either). I’m guessing with the mod I’m looking in I’m using something that needs those modifications. Is there a way to export that 2da from the toolset, or do I HAVE to find the source?

No, because the 2da isn’t in the module.

You need to search the module haks (see module properties > custom content for a list). If there are only a few, opening them with nwhak & sorting by file type will find instances of polymorph.2da quickly. If there are too many, use a decent text editor e.g. Free Commander to search all the haks for the string “polymorph”. Haks that are not in the module’s list should be ignored.

If it’s still not found, try the same search on all the folders except hak, modules and saves, just in case it’s lurking in the development folder or whatever.

The top hak in the list that contains that 2da will be the version used by the game.

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Knew all of this already except ‘search all the haks’. Don’t have ‘Free Commander’ but sounds worth having for sure (was already guessing and searching with ‘Tanita’s Packer’). My hope was some sort of export (like scripts, variables, etc), since the modified 2da is viewable (nice app req for creators??). Thanks!

When I went online to get free commander (thanks for that), I decided to search for ‘nwn2’ 2da extractor. Appeared a lot, but it was mostly everything we already discussed. Then I discovered a simple extractor…lol (oddly I knew this already but never paid attention to it). If you modify the 2da, NWN2 automatically exports the modified 2da to the override folder! Free Exporter! A good trick to be safe, if you just want to look at it, or grab an already modified one straight from the toolset, etc…, is just modify one of the ‘padded’ lines. Since I had modified the 2da in the toolset prior to this query, when I made a random search (just being thorough, had already looked there), bingo there it was (that’s when I remembered that if you modify any 2da’s they export to OR on save).

What is this NWN2 of which you speak :wink:

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