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Ok, so I got my laptop back . . . and the USB ports are still not working. However, while I wait, I figured I should start with a fresh install of NWN2. My thought process is to ensure the 2da files are all “up to date” via some of the vital mods (IE PJ’s Cornucopia, Kamals’ Tilesets, etc).

I was curious to see what “core set” 2das everyone uses.

The two you mentioned plus the appearance.2da for all the custom creatures I’d say are the most important and the ones I don’t want to touch on my own but let the good community people do it for me. Anything else requires less work and therefore I just edit per needs.

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vault: NWN2 Creature Compilation Pack
thread: Creature compilation pack

 possible bug: Pain’s Monster Pack  [fixed]

( the NWN2 Creature Compilation Pack uses Pain’s Monster Pack as its base )

@Sawdust37 et al.
friendly reminder, when in doubt about what to use or merge etc, see Reserved 2da ranges


^ yep

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I forgot about the wiki kevL_s . . . that’s a nice reminder.


Iirc I fixed that bug in my appearance pack.

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I just confirmed that my pack uses the stock game Seigetower values instead of that were apparently causing issues.