2da StrRef?

I have read a bit about it and I am looking for a bit more info on what it is and whether you can or should use it on custom placeables.
more info on stringrefs can be found here http://nwn.wikia.com/wiki/StringRef

Whats the question?

I asked this a while back here and on the beamdog forums. I got a answer on the beamdog forums. The question was what is the 2da StrRef? and if there was any reason I should or should not use them on the placeables I am working on.

TBH that article you linked to just about covers StrRefs and tells you why you might want to use them. Given the increase in power (both computing and internet connections) since NwN was created, the speed advantage is probably now much less. I never use them for placeables (couldn’t be bothered to go through all the hassle of finding a matching string, etc.) and just make up a name myself.


https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/72003/2da-strref#latest I talked to LaputianBird a while back and he told me, for placeables at least, there is no performance gain from useing them. Thank you Tarot and Cleitanious for trying to help me.

You wouldn’t use them for performance reasons but you may want to use them for other reasons. Placable names isn’t one of them though.

I am building my first mod and trying to use the 2.65 CEP, and I get strref errors by default when accessing the properties of any NPCs I try to use. How do I stop using Strref?

Ran 1.69 Critical Rebuild, reinstalled patch 1.71, reinstalled CEP 2.65.
Did this multiple times in various orders, eventually fixed it.