3.5e Acid Sheath damage per die clarification

I’m trying to reintroduce the 3.5e version of acid sheath to NWN2 and i noticed that the spells also says the following.

The damage is caped at 2 acid damage per level(max 30) at difference of the 3e version but it also says the following:

Any spell you cast with the acid descriptor while the sheath surrounds you deals an extra 1 point of damage per die.

Does that mean that if i’m level 20, my acid splash would do 1d3 + 20?

Also, does that means that cloud kill now it could do acid damage too? Or only applies to spells that already do acid damage?

The description really is quite non specific,but given by the fact that the Acid Sheat itself has no dice I would say it refers to the damage of the acid descriptor spell you cast during Acid Sheat effect.

So in case of Acid Splash that would be 1d3+1 because die is 1. But if you casted an acid version of fireball or something which deals 10d6 damage then you would get +10. This also seems more balanced even if my understanding of the rules were off…

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Yeah, that seems to be the right way of adding the extra damage, the metamagic Fiery Spell make this mechanic more clear.

A fiery spell deals an extra 1 point of fire damage for each die of damage the spell deals. This feat can be applied only to spells with the fire descriptor. For example, if a 9th-level wizard with this feat casts a fiery fireball, the fireball deals 9d6+9 points of damage. A fiery spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.