5 Dragons, A Question and a Poll

I keep abreast of the NwN (as opposed to NwN 2) items in the recent content section on the front page. Doing so I noticed a couple of reviews for the truly ancient module “Legend of the Five Dragons - The Search Begins” both of which complained that a major area transition didn’t work. This was not the first module that I had seen a review for a module that had this type of problem but this time I decided to take a look.

At first I did wonder if this was a case of an earlier NwN EE bug rearing it’s head again. Fortunately it wasn’t. But it did reveal an interesting difference between EE and Diamond. With Diamond the transition trigger showed up as a blue rectangle (as normal) and the mouse pointer changed to the area transition one. However, clicking on the transition did nothing. It was obviously borked. With EE on the other hand there was nothing to see and the mouse pointer remained unchanged. So it seems EE and Diamond handle in-game area transition errors differently.

I also found that there were some other, but non-game-breaking, errors as well. One NPC had a small conversation written for them but it wasn’t assigned to any character at all. One quest had the final journal entry for that quest written but it wasn’t used meaning the quest never finished. There was also a typo and and a quest item wasn’t removed at the end of that quest.

So I went and fixed three of the four little bugs but left that quest item alone as doing so did no harm to the module. As far as typos go, there probably are still some there but they weren’t annoying enough to notice.

That just left the area transition. The actual transition was to a waypoint and there was an identical trigger/waypoint transition on the other side. While it shouldn’t have any effect on the problem area, I did notice that the trigger in the target area was showing as a 3D box instead of a 2D rectangle. As my experience is that such triggers tend not to fire when they are supposed to I redrew it. While I was at it I also tidied the layout of triggers and waypoints on both sides of the transition.Doing so I also noticed that the tags for these objects were somewhat ambiguous and changed them as well. Finally I went into both triggers properties and redid the transition part.

Now while I have my suspicions as to which of those actions actually did it, I finally had a working (both ways) area transition. Well at least for Diamond (I did all the above using Diamonds toolset). Tested in EE and all seems to work. So I played all the way through using EE Retail. So it would seem that I have fixed this module.

Which brings us to the question. What should I do with it? Should I see about posting it on the original page (after all, I have only made minor changes) or should I leave it just on my HD. I could put it on dropbox but I am jealous of my limited space and am really not enamoured with the idea. So I thought I would ask you guys. I also thought why not have a poll too for those too shy to voice an opinion.

  • Post It
  • Forget It

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Poll closes in one week. So over to you (and yes I have voted).


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I play the GOG Diamond Version so that is what may be causing some of these transitions to not work? I can think of probably 40-50 mods where there were non-functioning doors, trap doors, ends of corridors, Secret doors etc. that were just there for looks it seemed. You never know if it is crucial to the game play or not! I am impressed by your dedication to this subject and others that you have weighed in on. I am 63 and do not build modules, but I sure enjoy playing them! My thanks for your efforts, Tarot!

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For doors that aren’t important I always set the door to PLOT and LOCKED/KEY REQUIRED then use a OnFailToOpen script that tells the PC something like “There’s nothing interesting here.” It only adds one script to the module if you put the feedback as a string variable on the door.

string sFB = (GetLocalString(oDoor, “FTO_Feedback”));

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I voted you post it. You aren’t claiming ownership; the original author is losing nothing, and by fixing and posting, you are helping those who aren’t able or inclined to help themselves to enjoy the work. In short, posting seems only to do good things, not bad things.



In the Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures community we once had a similar discussion when I fixed some older modules and wanted to know how to deal with it. In the end, we decided to file it under “unofficial / third party patches”, leaving the original download files untouched but offering the patched files as downloads as well (with a readme clearly stating they were third party and giving credit to the original authors).

I don’t know how you planned to go about it (maybe that’s exactly how?), but that’s what I would do here, too - offer a separate download for “TR’s fix” and leave it up to players whether to apply it or not. The question is whether it’s alright to put it on the same page as the author’s or make a new entry for it, but then you’d probably have to link to it from the author’s page anyway for people to notice, so it would be kind of pointless to separate the two on different pages. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or other, but more choices is always a good thing in my book, so personally I’d be fine with you offering an optional fix.

(I mean, why wouldn’t anyone want to play the fixed version if the original is broken, but this way you’re on the safe side, not messing directly with the author’s work.)


Poll has now closed. If there remains zero objections I’ll post the fixed version tomorrow.


Fixed version uploaded to original project page.



Incidentally, TR, I noticed that someone had already done the same thing you propose here last year, for Tales of Arterra - The Lost (fixing transitions for the EE, uploading a patched mod without replacing the original one), even though they didn’t manage to get in contact with the author, it seems, but as a player I was very thankful that they uploaded it nevertheless. The advantage is also that these patches can always be removed again, once the compatibility issues in the EE are officially fixed.