5 foot grid

TLDR: I need help painting a 5foot grid on the terrain, that WILL be seen in game. scripting help creating tools that can subtract/add an int or string value directly to a characters values, sorta like a trainer.

I’m honestly rather surprised no one has mad a topic… at least not easily found. But I am in the works to creating a campaign for irl DnD. I plan on using the NWN engine as our table top and tokens using Multiplayer to have a dm screen and as a player screen… the main difference is that we are using 5e so wont be using the original game rules. so far I have DMFI DM tools from the vault. I am also using so fart the legends online world, plugins for spawning ai and quests, though all of their tools look interesting. This is taking a lot more work than originally anticipated, and that might be why no one has done it (?), but that makes me want to figure it out that much, so hat it easier for others to do it themselves.

That all being said I am missing a few more thing before I start actually building their world… 5 foot grid accurate to in game spells that is visible in game, scripting help creating tools that can subtract/add an int or string value directly to a characters values, sorta like a trainer. I have very basic knowledge in scripting, and I have no idea how to do ui or anything more than modifying .nss

If you wish to head it off and take what I have to make your own, I can send a copy of what I have so far…just tell me what you need

Plug in & recourses used so far.

Since the game works in meters this may be tricky. Each square in the toolset is 10 meters on a side. You might want to explore my map mats as it’s the nearest thing to what you are asking for that I know of. Each of the squares is 2 meters to a side. As a meter is equivalent to roughly 39 and a bit inches (3 ft 3 inches) roughly, that means they are roughly 6 1/2 feet to a side.


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Is there a reason for not using a purpose built turn based pnp system like roll20? I mean I like nwn 1 and 2 obviously, but it doesn’t seem like the best choice for what you want.

Tarot’s map pack is for nwn1, It’s cool, but won’t work for nwn2 unless you converted the resources, which sounds like it might be beyond your current skill.

i wish they’d made graphic functions like DrawLine() etc.

but atm all i can think of is placing thin planks (as EnvironmentalObjects) down in a grid in each area …

they wouldn’t have to cover the entire area or go right to the edges; just enough “gridwork” to give everyone a sense of scale

do you have a specific example of what you’d like to do? If you’re talking about attributes and skillranks, sounds like a job for a DM-wand or a DM-dialog

Sorta the same as the dm control you helped with but something that will pop up a ui maybe? Or is a question in the chat box. With preset commands. To do x amount of direct damage. Or to heal. that can increase maximum and ac as well… I have used roll 20 and it’s my all time favorite app for this sort of thing. However I’m not very good at descriptions, and my players have a very short attention span. Even if I have to set up separate i_item_ac each with a different effect

If having a physical grid is a reach what about a ui that shows the distance between the cursor and the currently selected creature. Or having it on the right click menu?

Someone made dynamic drawing for nwn1 to handle drawing runes and stuff, may be could be ported.

@kamal, you mean this one?

What would be your take on This program?

How are you going to display your ‘maps’? If you are using a projector, you can place a real grid on the table first, and project over it.


PS I always thought this would be very cool, with all the lighting, spell effects, monsters, etc. Good luck!

buddy has a 50 inch display we will set up next to the game table (one of our players is extremely near sighted the others as i said before have short attention so they large display will work out. i have a small laptop i’ll use as the DM and a gaming computer i’ll use for the group and the enemies.

Yes, That’s almost assuredly it.

re. Pentagrams & Summoning Circles

looks like it uses waypoints and applies Nwn1 VFX to them

The package is overboard for just drawing a grid - although one could make a simple line-like SEF and attach it to regularly spaced objects of some type … but since nwn2 tends to have bumpy geoscapes, i suspect there’d be issues with beams disappearing into hillsides &tc.

if there were a way to lay a line down that follows ground-elevation … (aka Xoreos)

Vfx can follow the ground. I released an example of vfx map names as I did just that for Bedine.

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i whipped this up

it updates in realtime, and could be expanded w/ buttons to do some of the other things also

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i guess it’s a parameter in a SEF ?

i’m working on ModHP and kill items to do the same as my dmcontrol the UI would be a perfect replacement


Here’s the terrain hugging vfx

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