5e for NWN


  • Slower Leveling
  • Armor Caped
  • Lower BAB - Keeps players from mowing through lower level mobs.
  • All classes don’t get multiple attacks
  • SavesThrows - that allow players to still fail at higher level
  • Advantage and Disadvantage - Going away from really high Advantages so high level
    characters can still be challenged
  • Far less feats
  • Spells - the power of spells tweaked / weakened a little.

Changes like these help to keep players from blowing through content. Which allows for content that DM’s/Creators create to be used longer, without have to keep buffing up encounters as much and/or pumping out new content to try and keep the game challenging for players. So I see all kinds of upsides to using 5e with computer games.

These are just some of the reasons I really hope someone makes some haks and scripts to run NWN1 like 5e.

If anyone is working or knows of someone who is working on creating 5e for NWN1 could you please point me to them.

Thanks for your time.