8193.35 Retail Patch

Now live - patch notes here.


Just want to reiterate my thanks to the guys working on it!


From the patch notes:

Does anyone know what this does? The feats already exist.

The 2da column heading is FavoredEnemyFeat (without the typo).

My guess is that before .35 Favored Enemy was hard-coded and now it’s not.

So now you can create Favored Enemy feats for custom races or races that don’t have a Favored Enemy feat yet (e.g. ooze). After creating the feat you only have to put its id into the new column.

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Yup, exactly that.

What is the change to classes.2da? Is it just the column, “SkipSpellSelection?” Or am I overlooking something more obvious?

… but presumably the old hard-coded values still apply to older modules that don’t have that column in the 2da?


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Also column Short - which is crucial if you plan to allow more than 3 classes. It points the game to 3character short names for each class - if there is more than 3 classes, game switches from Full class name to this.