A Bit of Real Ancient Tomb Loot


What’s the material? Lapislazuli??

Only clue was the word “faience” in the caption. I googled and got this:

“Egyptian faience is a ceramic material with a siliceous body and a brightly colored glaze. In addition to silica, faience also contains alkaline salts (the source of which was either natron or plant ash), minor amounts of lime, and a metallic colorant. Although faience was made in a range of bright colors, the turquoise blue color so characteristic of the material is created with copper. During the firing process, the alkali (acting as a flux) and the lime (acting as a stabilizer) react with the silica in the core to form a glaze on the surface.”

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Interesting, thanks. I tried to import the ring into NWN, but it doesn’t look well …
iit_ring_039.zip (3.0 KB)