A couple of questions

Here they are…

Why is it that on some scrolls that are not showing red in the inventory and are way below the npc using it’s capabilities don’t work at all. You right click and get no option to use it, only examine or drop ? The Orb of acid, fire etc and infestation of maggots are a couple that I can remember doing this.

Also can you slow down time in an area ? I see there’s a ga_clock_off script and clock on does this stop it and is it going to freeze all sorts of other things ? I really just want to slow it so this area doesn’t keep going to night.

Thank you.

Well, that’s not exactly the answer you expect, but you should have the area always in daylight if you set “day/night cycle” to false and “always night ?” to false (“Environment” section of the area properties):

4760… Thanks but I want to be able to change it later to night.

Here’s the plan… You go into an area when it’s daytime, leave it and go to one that is night ( permanent ), then go back to the first area and it’s night there this time. So by slowing time it will change but not too much and still be able to jump to night later and stay night.

A lot of my areas I just fix the day night cycle, like you suggested, and alter the time when you’re in it with the ga_set_time script during the last conversation which nobody can see change because it’s fixed on one setting ( if anybody’s interested put this only on PC node or it will jump a line ). For this one it’s impossible to do because the previous area’s day night cycle isn’t set on anything and changes.

Basically I want a long day and then a night instead of day, night, dawn, night, night which is what I get.

Just happened to me with a Cloud Kill scroll playing MERP’s Umbral Abyss. Had the PC and one Companion try to use it but just as you describe, there was no option to use it. No idea yet what happened.

GCoyote… This is weird, I just put a cloud kill scroll in an area and sent in a level 1 sorceror with 0 on the use magic items skill and she cast the spell from it !

I’ve got no idea what’s going on with these scrolls, I checked them with the toolset and all the properties for the ones that work and the ones that don’t are the same.

@Tsongo maybe you could try making a variable that gets set to 1 if and when the final quest in this area (day-night thing) is finished or perhaps a journal entry. Then make a script that goes like:
void main()
if (d_n_variable = 1)
//and here you put a function or something that alters the day-night cycle to your needs.
I see how this could happen very easily, to be honest. Keep this post in mind and fiddle with it, to be honest.

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manvar07299… Thank you, I’m going to try a few things with this and see what I can do because it’s a bit annoying. The easiest way is to set all areas not in the one that needs changing to a permanent day/night setting but I didn’t really want to do that so it might have to be a script thing.

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@Tsongo Good luck, reply if you have any questions.

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i see these two

// Changes the current Day/Night cycle for this player to night - Note: This only works for areas that don't use the DayNight Cycle
// - oPlayer: which player to change the sky for
// - fTransitionTime: how long the transition should take(not currently used)
void DayToNight(object oPlayer, float fTransitionTime=0.0f);

// Changes the current Day/Night cycle for this player to daylight - Note: This only works for areas that don't use the DayNight Cycle
// - oPlayer: which player to change the sky for
// - fTransitionTime: how long the transition should take (not currently used)
void NightToDay(object oPlayer, float fTransitionTime=0.0f);

which looks like it toggles →


but i didn’t find a function that toggles →



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	Put this on the area's OnHeartbeat handler.
	Keeps an area always in daytime until it is globally disabled through other means.
	May have to adjust the times based on the module's dawn/dusk hour settings. 

void main()
	object oPC = GetFirstPC();
	if (GetArea(OBJECT_SELF) != GetArea(oPC) || GetGlobalInt("disabled")) return;
	if (GetTimeHour() == 16) SetTime(8, 0, 0, 0);

KevL_s… Interesting, so it seems there is something that does it but I’ll have to hunt around too. Thank you.

travus… Thanks, I like the idea but is this jumping it back to 8am every time it gets to 4pm and will that move the sun around really quick and mess with the shadows ?

However I just learnt something from what you wrote, modules have time settings ! Does this mean I can change the module minutes per game hour to 30 and slow it right down ? It’s a long way into the module for me to test it otherwise I would.

I think I haven’t really got a clue about all the stuff in the toolset !

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Yes, you will notice a change in shadow direction at 4pm. But it’s only once per day and if you start the area at say 9am, the time that the change happens is 7 hours away.

You can change the “Minutes Per Game Hour” property in the module settings manually. I don’t know of a way to change it through script.


travus… Thank you for the info. I’m going to go for the module properties, make it 30 minutes per game hour and see what happens at the weekend when I give it a test. I think it’ll only matter in two or three areas and one I want slow anyway.

Having discovered this I hope nobody ever looks at the date in the game ( don’t know where that is either ) as in all my campaigns every time you start a new module you’ll go back in time to 1/6/1372… A lot happened on that day !

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