A couple slightly dumb questions on conversations

Hi, fellas. Been doing a conversation in a module. Now at some point in the conversation I intend the NPC to mention ‘Faerûn’. Note the little cap above the ‘u’ in that name. How do I put that little cap there in my conversation? As you know, when it comes to conversations you can’t key it out in Microsoft Word first, then cut and paste. (I know it’s a small thing, meaning no one’s going to get angry with you if you key out ‘Faerûn’ as ‘Faerun’, but still…)

Another question I have concerns text color. I’m aware I can use tokens like StartAction, StartCheck etc for colored text in conversations. My question is: are red, green and dark blue my only color options? Or are other colors possible, and if so how do I access them? (I’d really like some text in aqua or light purple.) :wink:

Highlight û. Press CTRL-C.

Go to toolset conversation line. Highlight u.

Press CTRL-V.

There are Color Token systems, like for white or for cyan that you would put before regular text on a conversation line.

Like this -

Like this -

Possibly other systems on the vault to explore.



Actually as long as you’re on Windows you can cut, copy and paste in the conversation editor. See this thread.


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If you’re on Windows, you can also use the Character Map to find alt-codes for different characters. So for û, you can type ALT+150. I believe this works in-game as well.

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Thanks for all the help, friends!

Really appreciated! :smile: