A Dance with Rogues 2.0, a GitHub Guide

Hi hi! It’s Crone again, utilizing hyper-fixations to pursue hobbies with relentless intent! Hope you all are having a natural twenty sort of day.

I’ve been (slowly) working my way through A Dance with Rogues 2.0 because I am a perfectionist and keep restarting my playthrough and putting together a walkthrough at the same time. Slow-going, because it often involves multiple save files, checking the toolset for dialogues I might miss, triggers, variables, etc., and I’m just one person.

Now, I love to write. I have a voice and it will not be silenced! But I know that since I am just one person, the smart thing to do would be to ask for help. I currently have all of my embarrassingly little writing done on the topic in my git repository, so, if you’d like to check it out from time to time, or make push requests to the site with suggested edits and whatnot, or if you’d like to pool resources (time and energy, not money) then I’d appreciate your reaching out.

I think, together, we can make a walkthrough that rocks!


Disclaimer: ADwR is an adult module suitable only for those 18 years of age or older. Please do not contact me regarding this module if you are younger than this!


It’s always good to see such initiatives (and calls for collaboration), but be advised that (AFAIK) ADWR 2.0 is still WIP, so a lot of things can still change.

But have you considered using an offline wiki, like for example https://tiddlywiki.com? This one is contained in a single, self-replicating (although quite JS-heavy) HTML file that can be easily authored in the browser, deployed on the server, submitted as a Vault entry, and – most importantly – downloaded for personal use. It also seems to have tags, markup, import, static export, password protection, etc.


That’s an incredibly useful tool! :open_mouth: I’d be willing to look into that, absolutely. Especially since (I think?) it appears to be way simpler than Fandom wikis.

Yeah, it looks good and it doesn’t require any accounts. If you put the master on Github, then anyone can edit it locally and share changes (markup of individual pages or the whole file) with you via mail or by opening an issue. I think you can also copy the pages by drag & drop between browser tabs.

It’s just the matter of being aware that someone can inject malicious code into the file. But I bet you can grep for the actual pages in the source and paste them over a safe copy.

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you are going to write a walkthrough?

IMO you should note the concrete version you use, there are differences between the actual (2.11) and the previous issues.

A comparison to 1.5 wouldn’t hurt. Aside of some unimportant details the two chapters you already have are pretty much the same like in 1.5. The good news seems to be, that Fino is always available - loitering around somewhere in the southern part of the Harbour District - no matter how the princess deals with the beggar.

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So, @Crone, what’s your roadmap for the walkthrough? Are you going for the serious or funny route? Lots of trivia or just straight from point to point? Characters, locations, items or quest only?

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Obviously there is no roadmap …

Hi! Sorry, real life kicked me in the teeth for the past month, and I apologize for lack of response. See, this is exactly why I have reached out to see if a collaboration could get going. I’m pants with a lot of the aspects of what it takes to write a walkthrough. I just saw a need and wanted it filled. But it’s no good to ask for things.

I wanted to write something that would allow for players to preemptively craft their builds around, but it seems that’s beyond my ability. I would think it’s better at this point just to give up, but I’ll keep writing it for my own sake, if for no one else’s.

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Crone, are you aware of wiki for older versions here: A Dance with Rogues | Fandom

Yes! However, it seems that we’re lacking in terms of fan-based documentation for the second version. I’m trying to emulate WaterRabbit’s walkthrough, which is, unfortunately, lost to the mists of time.

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You’ve got quite a few clicks on that link already.

Making build guide doesn’t need the complete walkthrough, right? Just take notes on strongest skill checks and bosses, use of stealth, amount of gold to make and items for different classes (mostly weapons & armor). And that’s pretty much it.

I’m no writer, but for quests you don’t need to describe all details down to skill checks right from the start. Begin with story overview, then do quest entry and exit nodes, then keep adding more specific information. Collaborators also needs something flashy and easy to use to attract them. The wiki I linked up there (here we go again) makes it easy to contribute with its WYSIWYG editor.

Comcast stopped hosting personal websites, which is why my walkthrough disappeared. However, I still have all of the files on my computer and I have been working on an update. I just haven’t figured out the best way to host it yet.

Valine has change some DCs in this version, I am also thinking of condensing it a bit to be more area and quest related instead of from a specific build point of view.


Any plans to reupload the old one? Or some version for the old module. I’ve never seen it but would be interested.