A Dance with Rogues Nice Company bug/problem

So during this quest arto is suppose to talk to me.
He starts to talk but he does and changes into dorn he turns hostile and atacks me and ending the conversation.
Anyone know the solution to this ?

Note… it’s been a while so maybe fuzzy memory.

He is a Dorn. You are trying to get him talking. And keep him talking as long as possible before he gets mad. I think you need to talk to him better…

But if he does go hostile then run away and report back. Maybe you will have gotten enough information anyway.

First he appears as hooded figure.
But then he changes to arto and when he does he is hostile aka red.
From i gathared from the dance with the rogue wiki he should talk to me and not to atack me directly.
It suppose to be scripted and it is not in my case.
That is why i am asking for solutions.

Well, as I said it’s been a while. But honestly, if you’re running with PRC etc then you’ve voided the warranty. I didn’t encounter any issues like that the several times I’ve played it.