A Dance With Rogues Part 1 (2.0) Walkthrough

Just downloaded the 2.0 version of A Dance With Rogues and started playing, SUPER EXCITED! - But I noticed that all areas have been changed as well so when I look at guides/walkthroughs to find where I need to go, they dont always help with the 2.0 update of this module. Some examples: During the Lesson 5 quest I couldn’t for the life of me find the Dark Skinned Sailor to steal the copper ring and in the sewers for Lesson 3, I couldn’t find the correct exit that led to meeting Stan Krown in the Ruined House to complete the quest.

Tried looking everywhere for an updated guide/walkthrough for the new 2.0 version but can’t find one (Other than one being worked on by user Crone, but that barely got started and seems to have not been touched in a year). Does anyone know of a walkthrough for the latest update? I love the way it looks and a lot of lines have been polished and made better so I dont want to give up but I cant get past these points and I’m sure I’ll find more further in the game.

In the meantime I decided to uninstall and play an older version that available guides cover so I can still play. But I’d LOVE to play the new version since everything looks so much better and conversations are better as well.

The sailor is where he should be: at the docks. You may buy the ring for 25g.

The hideout is now below the NE district. The exit to Stan’s is in the NE corner of the sewers below the docks - if I recall correctly behind a secret door. You’ll meet Tony there too.

Ok, I think I may have messed up by going into The Family’s secret hideout in the sewers before finding Tony cause whenever I tried to leave the area behind Tony, the exits would automatically ask if I wanted to travel back to the secret hideout or stay where I was. That may be an unintentional bug and why I cant seem to leave from that way.

When asked you have to say you want to stay where you are :wink: .

Btw there’s a map of the sewers at Drago’s warehouse.