A Dance With Rogues - secret door bugs?

Does anyone happen to know why ADWR has secret doors which don’t work in EE?

I’ve seen several reports of the problem, but no insight into why it’s happening.

I’ve played ADWR (both parts) three times on EE (last time in november 2019) and I never had a secret door not working.
[edit]I guess the bug is in EE v1.80?[/edit]

Yes, it’s an EE 1.80 issue.

Thanks to @Surazal I now have an example to investigate.

The immediate problem is that the player is unable to reach the door (evidenced by the action pending icon top left).

The model itself is fine, so the issue must be a change to pathfinding or the tileset walkmesh.

Using the new SetEventScript() function, I was able to copy the OnUsed script to the OnClick slot, and thereby open the door. However, clicking again doesn’t result in transition, presumably because GetLastUsedBy() is not set by the OnClick event.

Although it’s not a very general solution, I guess I will have to jump the player to the destination specified on the nearest door instead (without requiring the player to click or use). Fortunately, Valine uses the default Bioware secret door script, so this solution will work for standard secret doors in any module.

OK I have a working script which I will publish shortly.

Script is here.

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Thanks. Worked perfectly and saved Dance with Rogues for me.

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