A Dance With Rogues - Update to Part Two?

I read somewhere that there was going to be an updated Part Two that would tie up some loose ends from Part One. Does anyone know what the changes to the story would have been? Thanks ^^


I would like to know about this as well. These are by far my favorite modules to date. I expressed interest some time ago about giving them a “facelift”, which I did. Unfortunately the original author is MIA and without their approval I can’t post it.

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Oh, that’s unfortunate. I only recently started playing the game and its player-made modules. I know it’s an old game, but it’s a little bittersweet to see all of these great modules abandoned :<

Old but still the best LOL.

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Assuming you have tried, without success, to contact the author. It would probably be ok to publish your “facelift” on a new Project page with credits to the author and some text offering to remove the Project if the author wishes it. In addition, add the original Project to the Required Projects section so that the original Mod needs to be downloaded to use your changes.

Hope this make sense and does contravene any rules I don’t know about.


It’s still the same as the original. I just edited the graphics (I didn’t add any new haks but used the hak patch method and edited the existing hak for comparability). The story, scripts, etc are still original.

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It has been so many years since there was an update that I think the author has long forgot about the 2 modules. I hope I am wrong. If there is ever an update for part 2 it will have to be from someone else.

Oh, I know. I just wanted to know what was planned for the update in terms of story and character xD

As far as I can tell, the last communication from Valine was in the patch notes for part v 1.5

"On updates…

I’m still working on an update for part two in order to bring it into line with the changes I’ve made with part one (Simon’s and Arto’s roles, for example). However, as I’m still tossing around and discarding ideas, it’s probably going to be a while before I’ll be able to uplaoad that update to the vault. I’m sorry that things are going kind of slow there, but I’m not yet happy with the changes done so far, and I don’t want to publish versions I’m not happy with.

In the meantime I’ve got a (smallish) update for part one. The changes I’ve made here kind of reflect the general direction I’m trying to go with the update for part two (see the new and hopefully improved “Tony the Tiger”- und “Missing Pia”-quests)."

Sounds like she was going to add more appearances of certain characters which were either introduced in the newer versions of part one or at least became more prominent. The most obvious character that comes to mind is Simon Lyonson, who does not even appear in current version of Act Two and Arto’s role is fairly minor.

Alas it has been nearly a decade so any further updates from Valine seem unlikely. Hopefully she’s doing well and just got busy with real life obligations.

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It is a shame Part 2 didn’t get the tie in update. It really is possibly the best mod out there if you can play as a woman, or are one. Nowadays, it seems especially relevant with the “Me too” aspect, yet it can be equally enjoyed as a sexual romp or a rogue adventure. That’s a huge advantage games have over RL and novels. You get to decide how you feel and get to do something about it evil grin.

I do hope she hears about EE and ressurects it one day… Arto certainly needs killing and …grin

Have fun :slight_smile:

Even aside from story elements, I have a lot of ideas for new mechanics to spruce up the module, especially part 2. One of the best things about ADWR is the way the mechanics can surprise you with an unexpected situation, but in a way that makes perfect sense in hindsight. “Omg, that guard just ran up to check the room because I left the door open! NPCs don’t normally do that! But of course, why wouldn’t a guard be alerted at a locked door suddenly being open?” Ever since the first time I had that happen to me in ADWR, I now always close the door behind me, even if I don’t think I need to.

I’m not a good enough writer to believe I can improve on Valine’s story though. :confused:

I hope Valine does return. When nwnee came out I had hope she would return. Maybe she has been working on part 2 and just has not finished.

@Dwayne @verilazic @Shimshone @Elora @Shia_Luck Hey, I just wanted to let you know that someone (who may or may not be Valine?) just posted a new version of ADWR. unfortunately only the first part and it isn’t mentioned whether an update to part two is still in the works.

I started playing around with it. Aside from the visual enhancements, your princess now gets thirsty, hungry, and sleepy. And you only need to start with 12 Dex now. Not clear what else may have changed, though I already noticed an NPC who was male in the older versions is female now.


Thank you for letting me know. Going to get it now. This gives me hope.