A Dance with Swashbucklers?

Have you ever amended a module for your own benefit?

For example, I went into the toolset to change the experience settings for A Dance with Rogues, so that monster kills were meaningful, and it produced a different module in terms of atmosphere. Imho, it was worth playing the amendment a couple of times, once as a straight Human Rogue, and once as an Elf Rogue/Blackguard. You do eventually level up much faster than in the original settings, but was it worth it?

Yes and no.

I enjoyed the amended module while I played it, as it created a few additional challenges and benefits the original did not allow. However, was the module actually better for the change? No it was not. In this case, you lost the whole essence of the original, ie sneak vs fighting. The beauty of this module is that it captured the true essence of a Rogue PC, and my adding xp for kills did not improve said module.

That said, any modules you can think of might be better with a slight tweak?


Everything can be improved. But it takes some time to understand the creator’s intent or vision so your change doesn’t break balance. If you care thats it…

Single player module makers doesnt like it, but ultimately you can do anything you like with their module as long as you keep it for yourself. (Making changes and reposting module might be against project permissions).


Heh… Interesting…

Does it make me a shitty person if I admit that I cheat my way through pretty much every module? :thinking: I think I’ve never actually played a module without cranking the stats up to 90 or higher, in all these years.

I add heads and clothing to modules that don’t include ones I find satisfying a lot, too.

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Do what ever makes it fun for you TB. I will admit I have done some what the same thing back in 04’ when I started playing NWN1.:rofl:

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Yeah, I do alterations, although only cosmetic ones. I’m not the kind of player who thinks about builds and tactics etc. (and NWN1 isn’t really a game that allows complicated tactics anyway) so if I find any troubles of that sort, I usually retry and, in really desperate situations, cheat.

But I have made many cosmetic changes to modules I played, mostly to cater to my own specific preferences, such as changing the appearance of some gear or even characters sometimes. I have changed background music that got on my nerves, and sometimes even slightly tweaked dialogue - fixed a typo or two or changed wording that grated. (For instance, in “Shadohaunt” there’s a very insignificant, implied sexual encounter and if you play as a female PC, the partner calls you “lass” which personally I think only Scotsmen, dwarfs and very old men are allowed to do, and the guy is neither. I like the module and have played it several times… after fixing that, and a few other minor things.)

If there is one issue I would change with any module, and that is removing unnecessary rest restrictions. Sleeping bags, tents and rations do not usually improve a game at all. Restricted rest, based on time, simply slows the game for spell casters.

I cast the Armageddon spell once, but couldn’t find anyone to tell my interesting story to…

Sleeping bags, tents and rations do not usually improve a game at all. Restricted rest, based on time, simply slows the game for spell casters.

Funny, that’s one of my favourite parts. I find the vanilla NWN idea of just plopping down wherever and being at full health and full spells after 30 seconds utterly ridiculous.
I only play story-centered modules, of course, but I think rest restrictions add a lot to them. It feels off to rest and relax and heal completely by sitting down in the snow, especially in skin-tight metal armour.