A Few Toolset Questions

Hi All,

I know these have almost certainly been answered at some time, but I just wanted to clarify my own understanding … :slight_smile:

  1. If a weapon has +1 enhancement bonus and a +1 vs humanoids (or whatever), is the latter superfluous due to being covered by the +1 enhancement already or does the additional bonus stack when encountering humanoids in this example? i.e. Is it +1 vs humanoids or +2?

  2. When placing “creature items” in a creature’s inventory slots of claw, claw or bite, how/when is the “item” used subject to the number of attacks? If a creature slot is left empty (e.g. only has a single claw item and no others), does the creature always use that attack, or is there a risk it is not used (especially if they have more than one attack per round)?

  3. How do we use SetMovementRateFactor. What does it accept as valid second parameters?

Thanks in advance.

i believe the latter is superfluous

it’s always used. My understanding is that an equipped creature-weapon is simply chosen randomly (always).

(float)1.0 sets a creature to use its standard speed; less than 1 decreases speed, greater than 1 increases speed

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I thought a racial enhancement is supposed to stack? I.e. like a bane weapon. It shouldn’t be difficult to test though.

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That’s what I figured …

And this is what I wondered …

I ended up testing this, and it seemed that a creature would use both equipped weapons even if a single attack … at least that is what it appeared to do on first tests … I will try checking this some more though.

No matter what factor I used, in further testing it appeared that the most I could apply was a factor of 1.5. Anything higher just results in the same. However, I was doing quite a bot of other stuff around this, so it may just be a bad result. However, at this stage, I am unable to boost beyond 1.5.

Thanks all, Lance.