A Free 5e Adventure

Hi all,

over the past years, and since the Bioware forums, we got to know each other through the games we love and decided to mod. Since the release of my campaign Return of the Exile, I had been searching for ways to utilize my creativity. I considered Divinity OS2 and NWN2 (Where I still have 2 open projects that I might finish when I find the time) but then took the decision to write adventures for the 5th edition, instead of moding a cRPG.

I know this topic is neither NWN1 or NWN2 related, but over the years I’ve got to know many of you and exchange many thoughts and ideas, that I thought it is fitting to share one of these adventures. These adventures will be sold on Patreon as a general rule, but this one is for you, and it is free. So if you have a 5e group, get it, run it, play it and let me know if you enjoyed it :slight_smile: .

Here is the link to the folder with everything you need to play it. Adventure, item cards, maps. All in there.