A list of bugs

Hi all,

some players have reported weird behaviors and I thought I’d ask here just in case anyone even encountered anything similar. These are happening to isolated instances. In other words, I cannot replicate.

1: Quicksave in a specific area crashes to desktop, or freezes the game.
2: A companion has his inventory stripped when asked to leave and then asked to re-join. (Worn items are still there)
3: After a world map transition, a companion appears to have the name of another companion. (What…?)
4: Could be connected to the previous issue. This player can’t play anymore because game crashes on transitioning to an area. (Destination area works fine on my end. It’s backed with enough room etc.)

Again, all these I cannot reproduce on my saves or new games. Any clues would be much appreciated.

Hi Andysks,

Without access to the save game itself, it’s hard to say. However, this sounds more like a potential computer corruption going on. Can you gain access (have the player upload) a save game where this is happening?

Whenever my wife encounters something “strange”, I transfer the save game to my own computer and test the same things from there.

With respect to issue #2 (stripped of items), that, at least, gives you some sort of head’s up to where to look. After all, you can only have a finite number of function calls where this can happen.

Keep us updated, Lance.

Hi Lance,

these are all different players. I also thought of corruption (Especially the companion name incident). How would I check for corruption if I get access to the save game file?

Hi Andysks,

I’m not sure what you mean. If they supply the entire save game folder, you should be able to simply load that game within your own setup (after copying the save game folder to your own saves folder).

I have only ever had to do some ini tweaking when trying to load a MP game. I am assuming this is a SP game?

Also, it’s a concern if other players are experiencing the same. That sounds more than coincidence.

Try and get a copy of the save game folder off at least one player who says they are experiencing it, and ask them for details on how to repeat your end once you have a copy of their save game. Then load that save and test. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have assumed we are talking about RotE.

Cheers, Lance.

EDIT: Do you have a generic “leave” conversation and script reference for your companions I can check? I have your mod open in my toolset, but cannot see anything obvious yet. i.e. What conversation should I check where the companion is asked to leave?

I was trying to open ga_rm_set_hangout and roe_ga_go_to_hangout, but I cannot find them in either the module (that I have open), campaign or global scripts. It may be that you only use then in a certain module, but I don’t know which one. In this case, if the companions can travel between modules, and these scripts are required still, shouldn’t they be campaign scripts? Your setup is different to the way I do things, and I have never tested scripts between modules - except that they are all campaign scripts now in my case, as I was forever getting into problems with module scripts in isolation.

Found the script I was looking for - It was a global … but still cannot find the two mentioned above - anywhere.