A question about .dlg files

Hello! I wanted to ask if anyone here knows how to edit .dlg files.
Example: I wanted to use the Deekin Inventory (Dialog) Fix by clalima but I have another mod that uses the same file (21_deekin.DLG), how do I merge this two files? Can I use the Toolset?

the only way I know to do it is tedious

Open both dialogs in the toolset. Arrange their columns & scroll-positions so that when clicking back and forth between them, their respective fields appear at the same position on your screen. Then click back and forth looking for differences.

(comparing/merging dialogs is not my favorite activity…)

Thanks for your answer, do you also know what I have to do in order to save the edited file?

let’s say you’ve opened a .DLG that’s in your /Override … made some changes … the way I save it is to close it* and the toolset will ask to save changes

(there could be a better way, from the FileMenu or perhaps a toolset-plugin, but heck i just make the changes, close, save…)

btw, not sure if you’re aware of Deekin Keep Dialog (based on clalima’s)

(or if that’s the one you’re editing etc.)

* note: not close the toolset, close just the tab of the dialog …

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Thank you for the link!