A question about some item on-hit properties


Those effects are counterparts of the respective spells. And if so, what caster level do they use?

I seem to have found the answer:

In addition to the effect on-hit properties, there are several general on-hit properties that trigger spells. For the most part, these can be replaced by the (newer) on-hit: cast spell properties, but standard items with these properties still exist (presumably because there was no reason to change them). For most of these properties (dispel magic, greater dispelling, lesser dispelling, and Mordenkainen’s disjunction), the “DC” listed in the property is actually the caster level.

So nSaveDC in

itemproperty ItemPropertyOnHitProps(int nProperty, int nSaveDC, int nSpecial=0);

is the caster level for the subtypes listed above.

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can be safely replaced with




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As an addition, if you weren’t aware already and it makes any difference to what you are trying to achieve, I believe it’s only possible to have one on_hit_cast, or possibly only one on_hit, property activate. More than one might need a scripted property.