A request for help with scripting in D'jinni

Hello, I am the leader of the eLeR Creative group, which is working on the adventures of The Witcher 1. Maybe you’ve heard about our newest work - Masquerade? Anyway, I am writing here because I am looking for people willing to help me with Geralt’s adventures in the Djinni editor? I mainly mean implementing quests and writing scripts. If interested, please contact me via DM. Below is the link to the announcement of the latest update of the Masquerade adventure, which introduces English dubbing and the project page on Moddb.

I know that The Witcher 1 game was created on a heavily modified Aurora engine and has many features in common, mainly in the field of scripting.

never really done much with the djinni toolset, mainly because the creation of new areas needed 3dsmax and a specific texture plugin. do you, especially how do you, create new areas? was there ever a workaround or alternative tools by the community released to build levels?

It is possible to create new areas. The best example of this is the adventure “Deception” where the whole city was created. However, it is not easy and you have to accept many limitations (no optimization plugins or speedtree plugins). The end result may not necessarily be satisfactory. Since the Red Kit was created for The Witcher 2, the entire modding scene has abandoned other attempts to create new locations for W1.
We, on the other hand, focused on creating adventures or improving existing ones, based on available vanilla locations.
However, if you are interested in creating a location for The Witcher 1 game, I can provide you with all the information I have about it.

Hello everyone, I would like to inform you that we are still looking for a willing person to cooperate in the implementation and scripting of Witcher adventures in the Dj’inni editor.