A Rogue Sound: Loose Stone (RESOLVED!)

I have a strange issue … Somewhere a sound (which I have managed to work out is most likely to be “as_sw_stoneloose1”) goes off every few seconds in a couple of my sewer areas … and not always consistently.

I double checked any references I have to make it sound and have been unable to determine what is making it play. i.e. It is neither placed as a sound object, nor called to play anywhere in script … as far as I can see.

EDIT: It stops on a save and reload.
EDIT 2: Ambient sounds?

Any ideas where this sound file may be triggered from?

Maybe doors that are opened/closed for whatever reasons. Or something linked to a trigger.

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Could it be that if you use custom placeables, tilesets, or other objects, that they have sounds attached to them that one can’t see in the toolset?
But if it stops on save and reload…well, that’s odd. Nothing on an OnEnter or OnClientEnter script or something?



I could not see anything on a first search, but I’ll take another look, just in case I have the file name attached to an object and only refer to its variable name somewhere.


Being a sewer, it is a custom tileset, but I don’t see any such sounds attached in any way. So, unless there is a sound attached that cannot be observed (as you say), then it looks “clean”. The entry scripts are the same for all areas, and so would occur on all areas, but it appears to be just a couple of the sewers.

Thankfully, it’s not a massive deal, but I am curious as to how and why it’s there, as I don’t see anything in my own stuff. However, I will keep looking.

EDIT: I think I may have just found it … I have a heartbeat script check that points to another script, which may be triggering the sound file in certain situations. I’ll report back if this does end up being the issue. It’s a script that only triggers if a PC is nearby.

EDIT: Yes, that was it … and it was a little trickier to sort than I first thought it would be as it highlighted another potential issue that I also addressed. Basically, a HB script on an object fired another script that was not looking for the correct variable. It does now, and now terminates as expected, rather than keep trying to open and close a door … hence the noise.