A sheet of parchment

I’m trying to find a placeable of single sheet of parchment. Something similar to the ‘plc_mc_litter4’ blueprint but with only one sheet. Or even the ‘plc_mc_scroll’ blueprint but without the rods. I looked in the cornucopia as well, but that was driving me mad looking at all those. If anyone knows of a blueprint like that anywhere, please let me know.

I guess it would be PLC_MR_LitterPaper01 in Kamal’s pack.
In case that’s not what you want, here are three sheets of paper:

  • PLC_MC_Scroll1 --> scroll without the rods
  • PLC_MR_Litter5 --> from PLC_MC_Litter4, flat sheet of paper
  • PLC_MR_Litter6 --> from PLC_MR_Litter4, the other one, slightly folded.

To get them in game, don’t forget the corresponding line in placeables.2da:
1234 SinglePaperSheet 84497 0 0 PLC_MR_Litter5 **** 0 **** **** **** **** 0 RESERVED **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** 1 0 ****
where 1234 is the number of an empty line and PLC_MR_Litter5 any of three names above (in the archive I linked, the blueprints use lines 14498, 14499 and 14500 - no conflict as it’s in a reserved range).


Thankyou @4760! Your blueprints are what I’m looking for. They look good.
Thanks again!