A simple solo module: to post or not to post?

The Q files are unmodified, but I use only 3 of them. Downloading these 3 files is a lot smaller and faster then downloading the entire Q-package.

But I might put these 3 file into a separate zip.

Understood, but you will get comments about the size of the download from players who already have Q, also queries about whether they are the same files (because players won’t want to overwrite their existing Q with files of unknown provenance).

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I’ve changed it. My clachan project is packed in it’s own zip. The hak files of the Q-project are packed in a separate zip file. So players can choose to download the needed Q-hak files, the entire project Q or use their local project Q configuration. I have adapted the description of the project too, to mention these modifications.

I hope it’s fine now. :wink:

Congratulations on publishing your first module and many thanks for sharing.

A minor suggestion:
Given that you have included the three files from Project Q as an optional download, can I suggest you move Project Q from Required Projects to Related Projects.

The reason for this suggestion is that the NWN Installer Tool will automatically mark both your files for download as well as the Project Q files because it always treats Required Files as necessary to play.

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Thank you, Surazal, for the reply and suggestion. I’ve changed it as you proposed. :wink:

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I have ticked “first release” box so it should show up at the main page now.

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It’s usually better not to repackage unmodified versions of other projects. Just give a pointer…

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A pointer (link) has been given, and is available. The repack of the three needed files is just to avoid the download a huge amount of data for a small and short module. But those who already have Project Q installed, or prefer to download the entire Project Q data set, can neglect the separate packed hak files of Project Q.

I know why you are doing it. I just disagree, mostly on principle. And now there will be multiple sources of those three files. Admittedly, pq is not likely to change again, but that’s been said before too.

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I agree with @meaglyn here. The thing you are not considering is that there are a lot of modules that already use pq. This means that anyone who plays your module will in all likelihood either will have or need to get pq in the future. BTW did you get permission from any of the creators of Project Q to split their work like this? After all, you haven’t actually changed any part of that project have you? You’ve just split a small section off of it. If you look at my previous post when the files went missing you will see I warned against doing just this.


So, I understand that it’s better not to offer the possibility of the separate hak zip-file. I’ll remove it then, and make Project-Q again required.

As per the project description:

The final update for Q has been uploaded as a Patch containing hak files, the tlk, and documentation. Feel free to strip it, burn it, whatever. I’m done.

And further:


So it’s cool permission wise I’d say. As to if this is best practise, that’s something different and I’d agree with you other guys there.

I have removed the partial zip of Project Q from this module. So all’s fine again… I hope. :wink:


Academic now, but the Q project page already gives sufficient permission (for reasons explained by @Pstemarie prior to retirement).

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I wasn’t too worried about the permission part. But PQ has been abandon-ware before and I took it over to get new releases out (before Pstemarie came back and I returned it). I’m not planning to do that again at this point but who knows… I was concerned about having multiple sources of downloading q files that could diverge. Anyway, thanks for understanding. Your module (@Yeol_the_clumsy) looks nice, btw…


Thanks for the appreciation of my small module. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that the current download doesn’t just include the required files, module and movie, but also the screenshots, tags and thumbnail that were probably meant for the Vault entry only? I think this has potential to confuse some players; in any case, it lead to me overlooking the movie file, because on seeing all the superfluous stuff in the zip file, I perceived this specific packaging as an oversight and I ignored everything but the module folder.

Confusion is good for them.

'tis be the format for Steam Workshop, arr.