A smarter way to build conversations?

This is a conversation for an NPC that gives items to a PC.
So the three alternatives you see in the screenshots are

  1. If it’s a half-orc at level 1
  2. if it’s not a half-orc
  3. if it’s a half-orc above level 1

But after I made these 3 conditionals, I’m forced to copy-paste all the items that are being given all over again for every conditional. Is there an easier way to do it, or is that it?

You could use a custom token. The dialogue node of the NPC would contain only, say, <CUSTOM2020>, and in the condition for the node you’d alter the token depending on what/who the PC is.


Depending on how your scripting skills are, this sort of conversation is ideally suited to being done with zdialog. I still haven’t made a tutorial for it though… :frowning: