A weird thing happened


I was play testing a module and had got half way through when I saved then when I re started a few days later the last area had grass in it but I had only just put it in that day.

How is that possible as surely I’ve just changed a module when it’s already loaded at the start of it and I didn’t think you could alter modules half way through them ? Is it something to do with baking them as I did that after the grass went in ?

Also on a completely unrelated topic… Is there a way to make water stay as water and not become black oil when the party go through/ near it with light emitting objects etc. ? I seem to recall there’s a four light maximum or something like that but I’m not quite sure what it was.

Thank you.

hey Tsongo

there’s a caveat: The walkmesh file(s? trx/trn) from the module are used in a saved game. So yes rebaking can/will change what happens in a saved game.

6 light-emitters iirc.

not directly related: Also, i think you want to avoid leaving a blank texture-slot or smthg … that is don’t do this

slot1 = texture1
slot2 = [blank]
slot3 = texture 2

/iirc ( i haven’t worked w/ terrains in ages)

That’s also what I remember, and party lights are included in that maximum (torches, light spell, etc…)

the area’s directional light also counts. this limit is only per tile - so make sure that no more than 6 light spheres touch the tile where water is placed.
i just checked if deactivating shadows has any effect on that, but alas it doesn’t matter.

Thanks everybody, now I know what I’m dealing with. Shame about it only being the walkmesh you can change in the middle of a mod I get fed up with swapping the start location.

I guess I’ll have to slow down on the light emitting items a bit too but 6 sources isn’t too bad.

KevL_s… that missing texture thing is a knightmare I have to close and reopen areas everytime I swap a texture. I only just discovered recently that ctrl z works in the toolset so at least now I dont’t have to wipe out my black patches with 100% textures !