About Baldur's Gate Reloaded

After some trial and error, I managed to place all the necessary stuff into their right place and get the BGR campaign available in the “New Campaign” drawer (so to speak) but the game complains that there’s some old stuff around and that it should be removed from the Override folders - there were some files, but removing them didn’t help.
I was suggested also, that the files are corrupted and that’s why the game won’t launch… I don’t know. The instructions on how to unzip etc. were a bit confusing (Nexusmods.com).
Any ideas…?

Patches nor updates don’t seem to work either.

Okay, got it figured out it seems.

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Well, the game’s working now, but the images of equipment are corrupt (yellow, blue, red and green squares) because some kind of fix is missing.
What that is, anyone know?

Nope, the merchandise item avatars (the little pictures of items when dealing with merchants and so on) - some of them at least are still all over the place.
Sorry, can’t provide a screenshot since I don’t know how… am I missing hak files here or what?

These images mean that the texture files are missing. Many developers put them inside haks (though can also be placed in other folders), so I can safely say that your installation went wrong. How did you install the mod? As in, where did you put the files etc?

I downloaded the mod from Nexusmods.com and followed those instructions. Maybe I got them wrong, partially…? Don’t really know.