About cheat codes

So I type in the Debug Mode, and try to help my character, for example, to Thieves’ Tools +3 with the appropriate cheat code (which seems to be the same as in NWN 1).
However, the code doesn’t work and the program suggests that I type ‘commands’ so that I would see the appropriate list of cheat codes that the game recognizes - and it does give a stream of words (and such) at the top of the debug screen.
However, it seems that some of the codes are not showing and as far as I can tell, you can’t scroll the debug screen so that you could see all the codes that the game recognizes.
So my question is, is there a way to see all the cheat codes that the game recognizes? Can they be found in some of the game files or folders?

debugmode 1
debugmode 0

That should output console_commands.txt to your installation directory. don’t know if it’s complete …

To give an item:

giveitem <tag_not_name>

and i usually right-click my character as target (just in case)

Yeah, I found a website (nwnwikia I believe) that pointed out the ‘giveitem’ command - after I had posted this topic… oh well.
Thanks for the tip on those log commands, I’ll go and see what happens.