About dialogue boxes

So… I feel like this is a totally silly question but I’ve been searching for forever and I can’t find an answer!

Basically, I’m making a test module and re-learning the toolset from my NWN1 days, but I’m struggling with the conversations. Every time a PC talks to an NPC, the conversation goes “full screen”, where there’s a black box at the bottom with the text on it, and constantly changing camera angles.

But how do I just get the conversations to happen in a separate dialogue box…?

go to the dialog’s Properties and there’s a checkbox for Nwn1 style

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Man, I knew it’d be laughably easy. Thanks a ton!

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I created the Silverwand Sample Campaign to help aspiring NWN2 modders come up to speed on NWN2 campaigns and the some of the common things you need to do, like create quests, conversations, stores, etc. You might find it helpful. Trying to learn the toolset from looking at the OC is very difficult.