About Kistrel

Not so much his personal background as such, but more about his kind of magical intelligent creatures. I’m not that aware of the before mentioned creatures nor their general background; it’s like druids (and some other classes) can shift their form into that of an animal or some other creature or being, but Kistrel (and his kin) are something else… where and how these intelligent animals originate from?
I mean, it’s possible that Kistrel can shapeshift into a humanoid being, for all I know - because in his spider form, he can’t get out of the summoning chamber of the Crossroad Keep, because the doorways are just too small for him. Don’t know, maybe he’ll use teleporting magics…?

Just for fun; some people refer Kistrel as she.

The spider most likely used the tunnel into the keep to get in.

Anyway, if you examine the scripts in the Crossroads Keep module, you can see that during development, Kistrel was supposed to tag along when you send the greycloaks out on missions and maybe patrols. I think it was supposed to increase the number of deployed men by around 100 or 50.

What scripts are you referring for? I haven’t found anything like that in the 2100_Crossroad_Keep_A2 module.

I guess I always assumed Kistrel was a she. I don’t remember if there was any solid reason or if this was a possibly incorrect assumption.

In D&D there are a huge variation of mundane and magical spider with intelligence ranging from what you might expect to as smart or smarter than the adventurers encountering them.

Kistrel must have had some contact with the drow at some point to have given herself (itself?) a name in Drow. Given the Drow connection with Spiders via Lolth, Kistrel could be a natural species or a created one. By the Drow or Lolth herself.

I read it somewhere within the information in the game, that Kistrel was a ‘he.’ I could be wrong though. He / She / It is a very intimidating looking creature none the less, glad to have him / her / it as my ‘friend’ and not my enemy… and I’m not being arachnofobic, even… cool looking creature none the less, I must say.

Kistrel is addressed as ‘him’ in the game.

  • [Kistrel chitters excitedly when he sees you.]
  • [Kistrel scribbles what appears to be a crude drawing of you and himself, both walking. There’s a large gap between the two pictures - it would seem that Kistrel has been following you for quite some time.]
  • [Kistrel gestures at the room with his mandibles and stares at you expectantly. You get the impression he’s asking you if he can stay.]
  • [Kistrel chitters. He seems to be working on something.]
  • [Kistrel holds up what appears to be an unfinished cloak.]
  • [Kistrel chitters and continues weaving diligently.]
  • [Kistrel chitters excitedly and holds up the completed cloak.]
  • [Kistrel waves his mandibles at you.]
  • [Kistrel is still working on the cloak. He waves his mandibles at you, and appears to be shooing you away.]
  • [Kistrel lets out a mournful-sounding chitter. Kistrel then gestures at the room with his mandibles and stares at you expectantly. You get the impression he’s asking you if he can stay.]
  • [Kistrel clacks his mandibles excitedly.]
  • [Kistrel chitters sadly.]
  • [Kistrel hands over the cloak and chitters happily.]
  • [Kistrel stares at you silently, then hands over the cloak. Apparently, his answer is no.]