About magic items

They have this number that’s right next to the spell effect they produce. For instance for a Potion of Antidote, it goes like this:

Cast Spell: Neutralize Poison (5) Single Use

I remember being confused about this before, but now that I see it again, is it safe to assume it means it casts the spell at that caster level? If so, do you still roll a die regardless as if you were casting the spell yourself, or is the die’s result maximized by default when it’s a magic item?


i don’t think NeutralizePoison takes a dc

but generally, iirc they do a dc

dc for items is generally 10+spelllevel
but things like duration are based on casterlevel

No I mean for instance, Cure Light Wounds has you roll 1d8 and it heals by that much + caster level with cap of 5. So a Potion of Cure Light Wounds or a scroll or any other magical item that produces the effect of that spell, would it roll 1d8 too?

yes, using the potion also rolls 1d8 (using the same spell script).

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Feels kind of unfair, but thanks for the clarification.