About petrified chicken

Began replaying SOU with a ranger character, after a while… and noticed, that there’s a petrified chicken near the water trough where you can find amethyst (another chicken got upset discovering this, apparently).
Anyways, is there a ‘specific reason’ for this animal to be petrified (not quite a normal state, is it)? Stone to Flesh spell is of arcane magic, and with Dorna as my companion, I can’t deal with it… hmmhh, something to do with Xanos M. then, mayhaps?

There are no petrified chicks in SOU. Are you sure that it’s petrified or is it just a freezed animation? (Right click on the animal to get the desription).

It maybe just got a fright . . . :see_no_evil:

concerning the henchmen of this mod, you’re maybe right … :woozy_face:

Well there is a petrified chicken in my copy of SOU (not a pirate copy or anything). And right clicking on the animal brings up the info screen (or whatever it is officially called) and there it says in that weird red and white font, ‘Petrified.’

I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t recall a chicken having any impact on the campaign. Call it a wierd Easter egg and move on.

Well, that’s a reliable statement. But I’ve still no idea why it’s there.

As Pstemarie already states, it has no influence on the campaign. A bit more alarming is, that there’s something strange going on without visible reason.

Thanks for the answers people :slight_smile: And you’re right, it’s not a game ending or even affecting bug - just something that caught my eye, this time around.
I might try to use the cheat code and try to de-petrify the poor thing, because if the kobold attack on a sleepy village was bad enough, how about having basilisks or medusas or other similar creatures running around amok…

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There are petrifying enemies in this module because I remember my Deekin being petrified by something or other and I had to abandon him in a dungeon somewhere as I couldn’t un-petrify him. So perhaps your chicken fell fowl (urgh) to one of these?

That is correct, but at this very early stage of the game there are no petrifying enemies … save one of the other chicks is a cockatrice in disguise…

I want to see this chicken for myself.

Maybe it’s deep frozen?

The chicken is supposed to be frozen due to the cold. There was no frozen, permanent animation or decal, so they used a petrified one. This has been there since the beginning, same as the “systematically killing its offpsring” line if you can talk to animals.

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