About Sand and spell casting

I’m having difficulties having Sand to take on enemies with his spell. There was one occasion where he attacked a group of enemies (bugbears maybe) with a spell (don’t remember what spell) but besides that that, he just charges onwards into the front line with his quarterstaff.
I mean, all the other spell casting companions use their spells (or chants when Grobnar’s concerned) according to the Character Behaviour list in the in-game ©haracter pop up card (Overkill etc), but not Sand - he acts as a defiantly foolish melee warrior wannabe.
Any ideas…? Meanwhile, I’ll just have to tell him to Stand His Ground or take control over him and assign my half elf as a follower of the ‘Glorious New Leader.’

It’s hard to give you any advice without knowing what AI settings you use (the screenshot would be a good helper) and what memorized spells Sand has. Do you play with TonyK’s AI mod or vanilla?

Difficulty Level is Easy; can’t provide you with a screenshot (don’t know how); AI mod is the original one.

i strongly suggest TonyK’s Companion and Monster AI 2.2

if there’s only 1 mod to use, that’s the one.

It enhances the Companion ai in particular, with much more options for companion behavior (and uncontrolled PC) on their character sheets; it might not fix Sand but I believe it’s worth going through,

ps. Sometimes just toggling the ai on/off fixes things …

screenshot is F11, iirc


One other thing you can do is use puppet mode, this way you can direct everyone yourself. It just depends on how fast you want to go thru the module.

Thanks for the responses guys (gals?). Managed to clear the Crossroad Keep (with the help of the Many Starred Cloaks) without going completely nuts, quick hit of Space Bar and switch to manual control of Sand.
Yeah, I kinda figured that the TonyK mod could be of some use; think I’ll download it and give it a try.