About to start HotU, what character?

I just finished SoU with a cleric, but for HotU i would like to go pure fighter or some fighter prestige class. Then i would like to have as henchmen a cleric and a wizard (pure)
Is it possible?

But I would definitely need a way to deal with traps and locks…how can i get all these without multiclassing too much? And can i tell the henchmen not to multiclass as in SoU?

Many thanks!

The character you finished SoU with (somewhat Lvl 16) should be well suited for HtU. The campaign has three chapters. Henchmen you may know from the OC will leave after Chapter one. There is a limited selection of henchies afterwards. No Cleric and no pure wiz.

Thanks, what about this henchman, Linu La’Neral, elf cleric? Linu La'neral | NWNWiki | Fandom or do i get her too late in HotU?

And do i really need a rogue for opening locks or can i deal with it in another way?

Linu will leave after chapter one. There will be a rogue/wizard hybrid which annoys to death (at least me …)

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Ok cool, thanks! You mean Nathyrra? Can i tell her to only level in wizard and maybe use the “knock” spell?

Yup Nathyrra was the name. I don’t recall any detail. But it is imo. not possible to request a specific spell. Keep a good axe at hand to bash in things …

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