About toolset corridors placing/caverns

So the thing is i realisticly don’t want torches to show up in my cave corridors ((Cep or non-cep seem to put torches at times)) and it takes me ages by right clicking or left clicking over each corridor until torches don’t show up it’s quite a pain… Is there any way to change/edit or remove torches? Would ease the pain hehe, I want to make some kind of underdark or place where no adventurer would have put torches :slight_smile: thanks

This will help a lot: http://www.neverwinternights.info/builders_toolsettips.htm

From the above link:

Tiles: Cycle Through Options - In tile select mode (not tile paint mode), Shift-right-click is a little better than eraser because it cycles through the tiles in order, instead of randomly choosing one.
Tile select cursor is an arrow, tile paint cursor looks more like the tip of a paintbrush. Press ESC to change from paint to select mode.
It is a great way to get rid of all the rocks or trees randomly strewn about your terrain, or to make a nice floor pattern – especially when combined with copy/paste.

EDIT: Also while in tile select mode (esc gets it up) right clicking inside the tile bring up the “tile properties” options where you can
a) edit the colored lighting (choose black for none) and
b) turn off any built-in tile animations (like p.e. waterfalls inside caves)

Once you have selected the torchless tile with Shift R-click you can copy and paste it.

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@toupzykin, do you mean torch models or the annoying flare effect (the flare you can see through the wall)?
If the flare is the thing, there is simple solution - open my Blackout hak (https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/tileset/lab , extract fxpa_flare.tga, and put it in override. This does have a drawback - removes flare from the spells too.

Thank you so much guys this is amazing I didn’t know about those things and my world got Huge ((Not too big but still)) this will save my modding life a lot hehe !!! And i meant the annoying torch corridors auto-placing Proleric and TheStoryteller01 got it covered but thanks for the overide tips too :relaxed: