Access a character during creation

Does anybody know if it’s possible to access the character being created before a new module/campaign is launched?
It looks like it doesn’t actually exist until it is saved (which occurs at the last screen of the character generation), so you can’t have UIObject_Misc_ExecuteServerScript(“my_script_name”,local:1) actually find it (with “my_script_name” defining object oPC = GetObjectFromRosterName).
Basically, I’d like to add one or two history/background feats in addition to the normal feats (based on class, race, etc…) to a new class/prestige class (for the Riders package I’m still working on :wink:)

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Sounds cool. Wonder if it’s doable…

unlikely /imho

maybe look at some of the module events, like OnLevelup … ( <- just a guess)

or try the entry area / lobby events

everything i can remember reading about it says this is notoriously difficult. if at all possible,

That’s what I feared… Thanks for the confirmation.
OK then, I’ll try with the LevelUp GUI, and if that still doesn’t work as I want I’ll make an override OnModuleLoad or OnModuleStart or OnClientEnter script…

can’t one just add custom feats through the 2da? do i misunderstand something?

The idea is to add the custom feats, but not at the expense of the normal feats. The new feats are available, the 2da changes work fine, but the total number of feats is hardcoded as far as I can tell, so if you choose one of those new history/background feats, you lose one normal feat.
So I thought to add the custom feat automatically upon character creation.

you sure about that? i know that 2das have a limitation, but the feat.2da has only 2252 entries, xp2 included. in the ui the feat-selection is a list which should be filled with everything applicable, technically.

if you’re developing a new class, look into “bonus feats”, you might be able to grant them at character creation …

True, but I wanted to give a choice…
Thanks everybody, I’ll find a way.



Yes, you can add feats when the PC enters an area. That’s what I do in The Scroll. It may require you writing a new GUI to present them of course (for your own new selection).

If you check out my Vol Gift’s GUI (background option 1) that gives the player a choice of “feats” from the first enter. I imagine that is the kind of thing you mean. If, on the other hand, you just want to add feats subject to race etal, then the same can be done via on area enter as well.

Or, you can even add feats to the list as an option for created PCs if they are to be included in the lists to choose from. Similar to what Semper says.

Or have I completely misunderstood?

Cheers, Lance.

we’re sorta looking for a way to get the PC even before it enters the very first area, Lance.

That is, during initial character creation.

Ah … OK … Thanks for clarifying that … :slight_smile:

For some reason, I still thought that was possible. Maybe there is a difference/limit to background feats compared to normal feats of which I was unaware. I mean, I would have though it may have just needed the backgrounds.2da updated, but perhaps not then …

Cheers, Lance.

it might be possible to inject a custom background-feat selection screen right after the regular feat-selection screen …

47 says he wants player to have a choice


Yes, that may be possible. I have played around with similar GUI to GUI calls myself.

I think I might take a quick look at this, as I cannot motivate myself to do a conversation for mod 2 just yet.

Cheers, Lance.

EDIT: I just took a quick look at the backgrounds.2da and noticed that 5 of them appear to have been “removed”. I never knew that. :roll_eyes: So now I should perhaps check some of my own code where I thought they were included. The point I was going to make, however, is that maybe they can be “added” back and replaced with something of what was required instead. EDIT: Well I guess UIListBox_OnUpdate_CreateBackgroundList also limits this, as simply removing the “Removed” tick does not allow the list to populate with the removed stuff. So, GUI>GUI I guess. Although …

Having looked at it some more, as it currently stands, the most straightforward way to do this (as far as I can see) is to offer the new GUI after the PC is created and they enter the area for the first time, like I did with the “Vol Gifts”, which is a new GUI presented offering a choice from some new feats.

Depending on what else you intend to do on area enter, you could tie the new GUI to simply fire on area enter for the Main PC when all else is setup.However, I am guessing you also want these feats offered as background/history type feats for Created PCs too. In which case, another simple way may be to offer them in a conversation with the Main PC, which is a forced conversation on first creation, possibly via their heartbeat.

Upon firing the conversation, you can then either ask the created PC/companion what their skill is in (adding feats as selected), or open the GUI with the choices to select from there. This allows history feats to be added as required. I actually keep adding history feats throughout my module as the PCs learn about stuff or accomplish something. i.e. It makes the feats more personal through achievements rather than a simple level up option. I think this adds to the game doing it this way anyway. :slight_smile:

I say this because it may be more prudent to avoid interfering directly with the generation screens. Although, I certainly think it would be rather neat if it was achieved, so I would be happy to see it done. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lance.

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The other limitation is that the list will remain empty if the character doesn’t have any more feats to get. I re-activated the “complex” background feat, and it does show in the list, but the next screen (where you’re supposed to select where your +3 bonus applies) remains empty… If, at the last screen, you “customize” your character, you can now get 2 feats, but if you pick one of those 2 feats for a custom feat, it will work, but not in addition of the 2 normal/usual feats.

Yes, that’s what I’d like to see too :slightly_smiling_face:
Well, I think I’ll have the GUI launched from the OnPCLoaded event - since it would mainly be used for the riding stuff, only specific modules would need it.

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Is this only for the Main PC then?

This would probably prevent players applying the feats to Created PCs using a Party Create system. i.e. OnPCLoaded only fires for the Main PC if I understand it correctly.

Do companions (or other Created PCs) need these feats?

Cheers, Lance.

Which is what I wanted it to work from the character generation screens. I’m afraid I forgot the Party Creation system since we discussed about other options. I’ll have another look, maybe UIObject_Misc_SetLocalVarString could be useful.

This is also why I recommended using a HB script to start a conversation with the other PCs, where the choice of feats may be added via a “chat” with them (once in game). :wink:

Let us know which way you go.

Cheers, Lance.

And since I don’t know how “CHARGEN” is modified before OnLeftClick=UIButton_Input_CharGenCommit(“CHARGEN”,< GUI reference >) is called, I’ll either add the new feats at level up, or via a script fired when the party is complete.

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