According to the blueprints, this makes no sense

I’m fixing stores in the campaigns, by which I mean I’m maxing out their money and making them accept stolen goods. The OC is all done and good, MoW seems to be doing well, but for MotB and SoZ, things take a weird turn. Neither of them show the stores in the area contents, only in the blueprints. It’s kinda fine for SoZ, a little weird but it seems fine form there, but for MotB, every store has 2 versions, one incapable of tinkering with and the other the same but can be tinkered with. The real problem is each store has -1 gold in store. (no pun intended) So this has my paranoia kick in and be suspicious of this. What does that mean? And is tinkering with the stores in the blueprints all the same or what?

-1 means unlimited if I recall correctly.



Technical difficulties

Also, the ones that are not underlined mean that they are global blueprints and not editable. You can change this in the toolset preferences. The underlined are campaign specific, so you can change them if you want.

What’s the difference between them?

I don’t see any difference and I don’t know why they appear like that. It appears as if they first created them in the engine as global blueprints and then converted (copied) them as campaign blueprints. In the OC you can’t edit any blueprints for example. But there is a different story since almost all blueprints are placed and not spawned.

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So basically it’s junk data, doesn’t really serve a purpose. Also, does maximum price being set to 0 mean there’s no max?

I think it is also -1 for unlimited max price but I could be mistaken.

So what would 0 do?

Buy everything for free? I don’t know :smiley: .

… So I’m doing it right.

As I said, I don’t really know what 0 stands for. I only know for certain that -1 means unlimited when it comes to stores.

Well it doesn’t really make sense anyway, it’s maximum price for what you’re selling to the store.

When you create an item in the toolset it gets a price according to its properties. If you want to partially control the income of the player, you can set your stores to only buy at a certain max price. It doesn’t matter if the item costs 200k, the shop will only pay 20k for it or whatever. When you set it to -1, you basically say to the game I don’t care. Whatever it costs, buy it for that price. Of course, if the shop only has 5k gold available then there is another problem.

Yeah, I know all that, but what happens if it’s set to 0?

Setting the “maximum buy price” to 0 means the store won’t buy anything from you. They’ll only sell.


So it’d be worth 0 to them, figures.