Activate Item Animation Removal

I am absolutely loving the ability to use the ‘body_node_head’ scripted animation on many of my activate/use item tag based scripts. It looks ‘almost’ great…yes ‘almost’. Though I have changed every activate/use item 2da to ‘head’ (so the script function can still allow the use of other nodes), hand is apparently hard wired to all those 'Activate/Use 2da’s that had it there originally (It performs the hand forward animation, even though the beam shoots from the head!!!, I have tested this dozens of times!). I’m exasperated as this looks hard coded; however, I am hoping someone has successfully removed the activate/use item ‘hand’ animation and can share how they did it. If so, or you know how to remove it, please post here (Note: I have also tried asterisks, which usu = no animation, and other nodes and it always does the hand animation).

There is a request in the developers’ queue to allow unique power items with no cast animation (not sure whether it will be adopted).

Nearest I could get for now is to tweak spells.2da to reduce the animation play time, but it still looks wonk.

Ok thanks for looking into it!