Add Creature Properties on an existing character

Hi there everyone,

I tried to find the answer on the previous posts before but to no avail so far.

Here’s the question:

being too lazy and downskilled I downloaded some premade vampire character but when I get to its properties there is nothing about the hide I would find in a properly built vampire character (immunity to crits, ability drain, dmg reduction, etc. not forgetting the vampire bite).

I thought I could respawn vampire hide and vampire bite thru console and I did it.
It appears it is not enough to have them both in my inventory (I edited the character in order to get “weapon proficiency - creature” as well) but nothing seems to change when I see my character info.

Some advice on how can I get it to work?

Thank you in advance

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Players can only equip such items through script commands, specifically ActionEquipItem, they can’t see the slots for creature weapons/hide in the main NWN GUI.

Thank you Jasperre,

going to find some guide on this script command


This is incorrect. You can equip creature items as player as well using quickslot.

Simply put the skin into quickslot and then click on it.

To equip creature weapons you need that proficiency, but skin doesn’t require it and you can put bonus feat weapon proficiency (creature) on the skin itself to avoid any scripting.


That’s right Shadooow, that worked and was simple enough!

I cannot remember where I read that but saving game with such items on slots may happen to remove them.

Anyway thank you so much! Very easy and effective!

Enforce Legal Character and Item Level Restriction does indeed delete creature skin (not sure about weapons, possibly also, not really using them myself due to numerous issues with them) on login. But this is in multiplayer, whether it happens in singleplayer I don’t know. If it does, then disable Item Level Restriction and Enforce Legal Character in settings.tml .

Alternatively Community Patch solves the skin issue, but the solution might not work in singleplayer modules.

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