Add hak question

My current mod I’m working on is built off of a base CEP 2.65. I’d like to add this item stacker hak:

What’s the best way to do that? I found this:

But I have a laundry list of questions. What do they mean that only1 hak can be added per mod when the base mod I built on has over a dozen? Why when I create a new mod, can no haks be added (from module properties)? Do haks have to be converted to .erf? That’s the only importable format I see. If I followed the above procedure to merge the new hak with one currently installed in the mod, which one should I pick? Does it matter?

The tutorial is wrong - see my comment.

Ask again if you need more help after that.

This is down to the age of the tutorial. Back in the early days of NwN the 1 hak per mod thing was true. Either one of the expansion packs or one of the patches changed it so that you can have the current number of haks.


I don’t think I remotely have the patience to figure out or go through all the 2da files to sort out what’s what. Shame. I’d love to have stackable misc items. It’s going to be almost essential in my mod.

Okay I found a tlk editor here at the vault as well as an old hacked base items 2da (so I knew what I was looking for), and I edited the baseitems.2da of cep2_top_2_65.hak (and made a backup of original). It does exactly what I wanted which was to stack misc small and magic potion bottles into stacks of 10. So the question is, since I edited the 2da and thus made a new cep2_top_2_65.hak, would other people who wanted to play the mod need this edited version?

Yes and they will need it as a hak and not an edited 2da in their override due to the order in which NwN loads things.


So when the time comes I could just include a modified cep2_top_2_65.hak (or call it whatever) as a required hak? I would think so since it works for me. Not that I’m going to be releasing a mod anytime soon. It’s going to be awhile. Not nearly finished. Got some cool concepts going though.

Yes. Maybe call it something like YourModuleTop.hak (replacing the part with a short version of your modules name).


See my comment on the tutorial page. Your top hak should have a unique, module-specific name. It only needs to contain the files you’ve changed, not all the files in the CEP top hak. It sits above the CEP top hak in module properties.

So, it’s not a version of the CEP top hak, nor should it have the same name (that would break every other module using CEP).

Okay that was easy. Just created a new hak file with my new baseitems.2da and put the original CEP hak back in the mod.

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