Add SOZ spells to older Modules

I just finished playing Shrouded Sun and Shadowdancer’s Vault and I was wondering if there is a way to use the Toolset to add the spell from SOZ into the module. When you start the game it strips them from your spell book and you can’t cast them from a scroll. This is only for myself I don’t want to change someone else’s work, just the version on my desktop.

Those modules were created before SoZ came out. The reason they overwrite SoZ spells is because they contain an outdated version of spells.2da in one of their hak files. You have to merge the SoZ version of spells.2da (it can be found inside the <game installation folder>\Data\ archive) with spells.2da from those haks and after that replace spells.2da in haks with that merged version. For opening and editing hak files use NWN2Packer, extract first the original spells.2da from the hak and compare it with the SoZ spells.2da. Find new lines added in the SoZ version and add them to the original spells.2da from the hak. For comparing two 2da files you can use WinMerge or NWN_2daEditor.


Thanks for the info, I’ll try and play around with this weekend when I have a little more free time.