Added new custom classes - not showing up in game (RESOLVED)

I downloaded some classes (all the dragon disciple types & warlock) listed them on my classes 2da, feats, cls_feats, cls_bfeats, tlk entries are all good to match 2das. I also ensured that the number is checked “1” on classes 2da so it is accepted to be used by players not just NPC’s. I have added classes before and they work (see classes I added on classes 2da below)…these new custom classes show up in the toolset, but not at creation for choosing classes. Could I have exceded the tlk line limit? Only thing I can think of.

Help anyone…this is just silly…I checked and rechecked everything…

When I try to actually upload my 2da here it say it should be able to upload a .txt file but it won’t let me…so I posted a pic

My tlk table entries match see (as do all the tlk lines throughout …i.e…descriptions, small case, plural, etc

Don’t know whether this is the issue, but your custom 2da lines seem to have one more column than the lines above and below.

Without the column headings, this is guesswork, but should the final 2 **** simply read 2?

Hi Proleric thanks for a quick reply. But my other classes above and below these ones work. I also could not fit in the entire 2da on my jpeg. Is there a way to upload the 2da here so you can see it fully? I tried to upload it but it won’t recognize it…stupid as it is a .txt format.

Why would the classes and feats show up in the toolset but not on creation?

Not sure what you mean…I feel dumb…but can you point out on there what you mean by this?

Is there a way I could send you my tlk file and classes 2da so you can look at them? Seriously driving me crazy…it all looks just fine. Gone over it several times.

Yeah I see what you mean. The **** were suppose to be “2” (Skill points) I added those in yet they still do not show up.

RESOLVED!!..Proleric…thanks man. I see what you mean…yes there was an extra column…those dam "2"s at the end of BonusFeatsTable tags…I’m such an idiot!!!..thanks man…good eye!!! Much appreciated!!!

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